Are your contact details in Facebook without you knowing?

Do you know what organisations have uploaded a contact list into Facebook to target you online. Here is how to find out. I was recently surprised organisations I had opted out of their email list years ago had me targeted and political organisations also had me on their target list.

If you are interested to learn who has targeted you I’ve prepared this cheat sheet to find out.

What is Content Strategy Anyway?

You may have a captive online audience waiting to find you, but without a plan, they will be as lost as you are, in finding a way to hook up with you.

A content strategy is not complex. What it is, is deserving of a healthy  investment of time and expertise upfront, to build and enhance your brand while you get on with running the rest of your business. 

Banking On Content

Twelve well researched, clearly articulated, thought leading blog articles on topics your business has expert knowledge on, could translate to a year’s worth of blog and social media posts, Fact Sheets, downloadable PDFs, eBooks and newsletter material.