Are your contact details in Facebook without you knowing?

Are your contact details in Facebook without you knowing?

Much has been written about the use of Facebook to influence the elections in the United States and the Brexit vote in the UK. With elections looming in Australia it may be interesting to see who has uploaded your contact details into Facebook.  

With a greater focus on Facebook transparency across the world, Australians now have access to more information on how they are being targeted. One of the more interesting features is who is targeting you via facebooks Custom Audience functionality that enables third parties to upload to their database and target you via Facebook, Instagram, Messanger, Mobile Apps and third party websites.. 

This function enables any Business, NGO, Political organisation or Person to upload contact database to send promotions, messages and articles to those people on their list who can be identified in facebooks network.

How to view who has uploaded your contact details.


Step 1

Open your personal Facebook Page on a desk top computer and follow the instructions below. 


Click the top right drop down icon from the top right of the navigation and then click on Settings

Step 2


On the left-hand side of the next page click on Ads menu item.

Step 3


On the next page click on - Advertisers you have interacted with.

Step 4


 Then Click - Who have added their contact list to Facebook.

You should now see a list of identities that have uploaded your contact details with an intention of send messages to you via Facebook, Instragram, Messenger, Mobile Apps or Facebooks Display Network across the world wide web.

Note- This process identifies a Facebook profile who manages the targeting of the custom audience however it may be possible you receive the promotion or article from another identity that seems unrelated to the one listed. This is done by sharing the audience with another profile. This would enable an organisation not wanting to be identified to share their audience with another facebook profile and identity that can be made up to look like a normal person.  


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