Content Planning Workshops

Our Content Planning Workshop will help educate you and staff to convert your digital marketing ideas and goals into a detailed content production brief.  Having a strategic, clearly defined brief will make it easier for you to work with web designers and content producers to bring your goals to life, saving you time and money.

The STrategy and Content Audit Workshop: 

The Strategy and Planning Workshop includes up to 3 hours face to face or via Skype with one of our content marketing experts. Following the workshop, we'll then complete further market research relevant to your industry and business, and will document our findings and recommendations.

During the workshop, we'll extract your knowledge of your business and your business objectives.  Using your insights, we will then develop your online content strategy.  Depending on your strategic objectives, your strategy may include establishing or defining your business':

  • brand voice and tone
  • buyer personas (or your ideal customer types and their demographics)
  • customer's journey
  • key messages
  • online content channels
  • calls to actions for each channel
  • frequency of publishing content
  • key themes and topics relevant to engaging your audience.

optional services

  • Content Audit: This involves reviewing your existing content starting with your website copy and any other relevant marketing collateral. As part of the audit, we'll identify content gaps and provide recommendations to optimise existing content, and develop future content. Note: the audit will be completed following the workshop, but we will collect existing content prior to, or during the workshop.
  • Defining Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) requirements: as it relates to content focus and website / social media sites.
  • Website Site Map: Preparation of an updated website site map including recommendations on Calls to Action and content focus for writers and web designers consideration .