Sarah Halfpenny - Copywriter

Sarah Halfpenny - Copywriter


About Sarah

An avid spider avoider, for the past decade Sarah has managed to carve out a productive career as a freelance writer and sub-editor, whilst at the same time staying on high alert for arachnids.

She has worked on many arts-related exhibitions, including: Mambo – 30 Years of Shelf-indulgence; NEXT; RISE; Spectrum; Streets Ahead; and TEES as well as on the groundbreaking Australian journal T-world.

Sarah has also written and edited copy for advertising campaigns, corporate handbooks, media releases, newsletters, social media platforms, stories and websites, for dozens of clients including Nickelodeon. Her play 'Celebrity is the New Bleak' was performed at the Victorian Arts Centre as part of a ‘Short + Sweet’ festival, and one of her stories was turned into a short film called 'No Returns' by a group of talented friends. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, and can often be found lurking around literary and film festivals, soaking up the creativity. In fact she loves them so much she co-founded her own festival called the Stellar Short Film Festival, a one night only event that showcases the 12 best, award-winning Australian short films from the previous year.

Industry Specialties

  • Film

  • Music

  • Theatre

  • Art exhibitions

  • Other creative industries


  • Articles,

  • Press releases

  • Social media copy

  • Sub-editor

  • Proofreader

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